Sunday, 24 April 2011

24 APRIL 2011

Its my birthday yaww.. yeahh! im officially 21 now!! sudah tua cik zarina sorang ni. my birthday arini tak sambut pon, takde rasa nk sambut, buat ape nk sambut hari yang buat umur kita makin tua kann? haha.. actually, takde mood laa nk sambut coz my siblings takde kt sini sekarang.. abang ade kt perak, abg ade exam so tak dapat nk balik. my lil sis pulak da tak sayang i kot.. birthday i pon dy tak wish. hurmm nak buat cane, dugaan. redha jela. btw, i still have my beloved mother and my younger brother here. i lovee them soo much!! ALLAH please dont take them away from me :'(

oh yea today not only im turning 21, im SINGLE too. yeah its true. its the best birthday ever right?? after almost 3years together, we're decided to broke up. its a mutual decision. xde lagi la si Dia dalam hidup i.. its okay, im a strong women. kan kan? no matter what happen just keep on smiling zarina :)

today is my birthday.. 
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday ZARINA ZAINAL
happy birthday to youuu...

kek taon lepas sebab taon ni i xmo celebrate my birthday.  ade lilin dua je, so i bole perasan yang i still 20 taon kan? :P

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