Friday, 30 September 2011

McDonald's has unique menu items in every country, yep its true!!

In India (where much of the population does not eat beef) the restaurant offers such fare as the Chicken Maharaja Mac and the potato-patty McAloo Tikki Burger. This does not mean that McDonald's has replaced its traditional offerings in these locations - they merely supplement their menu with a bit of localized flair in many places. You can order the popular Caldo Verde soup in Portugal, a Quiche de Queljo in Brazil, and have some Red Bean Pie for dessert in Hong Kong (yes, red beans are a common dessert item there). Italian McDonald's restaurants use local cheese producers for its Parmigiano Reggiano burger, and in France they serve a burger on a stone oven-baked Ciabatta roll. 


  1. good sharing...alamak i feel want to eat egg muffin for bfast tomorrow..

  2. tetibe rase nak makan mc dee.. aiyoyo..

  3. yes.. that is one lesson about marketing, thank u for your thoroughness