Thursday, 22 September 2011

Graduation Day =)

Hello guys! How are you? Sorry i'm so busy lately, rarely online..  Hurm I have no time to update my blog, visiting your blog and I miss blogwalking guys.. Okay straight to the point, last Sunday was my convocation day.. It was the happiest day in my life so far. That day was awesome! Im over the moon right now. Im officially a diploma holder yaww. So im sharing some of my graduation pic with my beloved friends here. Enjoyyy my not so awesome pictures guys :P

with my classmates

with my lecturer.. yes i know im petite :P 

with my bff

more picture will be upload later. gtg guys! see ya :)


  1. waa....tahniah hihihi urmm tak sabar Jie nak konvo ujung september nie

  2. eh...da graduate keee...bes la kamooo..comeynyerrrr :D

  3. dah grad ey? bestnya :) congrats ya?

  4. mcam best je konvo kan. esok i last praktikal then another two weeks i ade presentation. pastu merdekalah i sebagai student.

  5. Hey zarina, congratulations and goodluck on everything. Take care.

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    The Pinoy Wanderer

  6. congratulation :) salam sukses selalu